CARE = Clean Affordable Reliable Energy

Your electricity is produced by natural gas.* 

Don’t spend 50%** more for your energy when you can easily convert your electric appliances to natural gas and save!



Natural Gas Has Made the U.S. an Environmental Leader- Natural gas is an important tool in the suite of greenhouse gas emissions reduction options available to the United States. Natural gas will continue to benefit our nation as states move to further reduce carbon dioxide emissions created in electric power generation.***

***Source: American Gas Association. 


SWITCH your electric appliances to natural gas and start saving! See just how much you could be saving by switching to natural gas and view the Energy Cost Comparison Chart here.


Okaloosa Gas has served our community for over 68 years with no loss of service during storm or hurricane outages with the exception of certain unsafe zoned areas shut off for emergency and safety purposes.

Natural gas is delivered to your home via an underground pipeline and provides nearly 100% reliable service.

​*Source: Department of Energy (DOE). **Comparison statement based on local utility rates only.***Source: American Gas Association. For further information click here.