Natural Gas Has Great Products

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Natural Gas Heating
  • Furnace up to 95% energy efficient

  • Heat provides up to 25˚ warmer air than an electric heat pump

  • Warms your home more quickly and efficiently

Sources: Empire Space Heating; Lennox; Energy Solutions Center Video


Natural Gas Fireplace/Logs
  • A vent-free natural gas fireplace is 99.9% energy efficient Source: Energy Solutions Center

  • Costs over 50% less to operate than electric.  Source: Energy Solutions Center

  • Clean, low-maintenance and environmentally friendly Source: Energy Solutions Center

  • Decorative source of supplemental heat Source: Empire

Resources: Southeast Hearth Patio Barbeque Association; Energy Solutions Center

Natural Gas Water Heating - Tank
  • Heats water twice as fast as an electric water heater.

  • Use 50% fewer carbon emissions.

  • Provides hot water even when the electricity goes out.

  • Are more durable than electric models due to less working parts

Resources: American Gas Association; Energy Solutions Center


Tankless Units
  • Cost up to 70% less to operate than a traditional electric water heater

  • Saves energy because it doesn’t turn on until you need hot water.

  • Endless Hot Water

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Flexibility to meet the hot water demands of any size home

  • Continues to operate when the power goes out (tankless models require a simple battery)

Resources: American Gas Association; Florida Natural Gas Association; Rinnai; Energy Solutions Center


  • Saves time & money

  • Cost less to operate than electric

  • Gentler on fabrics

  • Dry loads nearly twice as fast as electric

Resources: Florida Natural Gas Association; Energy Solutions Center

  • Provides precision control, instant on, instant off

  • Continue to operate when the power goes out

  • Preferred by more than 9 out of 10 chefs

  • Heats up faster than electric

Resources: Florida Natural Gas Association; American Gas Association; Energy Solutions Center


  • Never run out of propane

  • Grill your dinner outdoors and keep your home cool during the summer months

  • Costs less to operate

  • Heats up faster than electric

  • Total reliability - even in a power outage

Resources: Energy Solutions Center; Southeast Hearth Patio Barbeque Association

  • Automatic and dependable for electric power

  • No need to store and maintain a supply of fuel

  • Reduced maintenance due to a clean-burning natural gas engine

  • Reduced emissions into the environment when compared to other fuels

Resources: Generac Generator; Energy Solutions Center


Pool & Spa Heating
  • Pool and Spa Heaters are very efficient. They heat water seven to ten times faster than electric

Resources: Energy Solutions Center


  • Gaslights do not attract insects

Resources: Energy Solutions Center

Patio Heaters
  • Can radiate heat 20-25’ in all directions

Resources: Energy Solutions Center