Gas Safety Inspection

Schedule a yearly check-up for your natural gas appliances for $65

When is the last time you had a good checkup? A natural gas appliance checkup, that is.

We have a great maintenance service for residential customers. Our professional servicemen will check for safe, efficient operation of all your natural gas appliances and accurately measure the Carbon Monoxide levels in your home. Because this is an important service, we offer it to you at a minimum cost. Take a look at just a few of the services you can expect…

  • Furnace Inspection: Check Installation, combustion air, return air venting, filters and furnace operation.

  • Water Heater Inspection: Check installation, venting, operation, and storage of flammable materials.

  • Ranges/Cook tops Inspection: Check installation, adjust burners and thermostats as needed.

We will also inspect your grill, logs, dryer, gas lights and any other gas appliances in your home. A service of this extent is rare to find yet we know it is important to your safety and comfort. This exceptional value is offered to our customers only.

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