Natural Gas is the Future

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  • America’s natural gas utilities add 1 new customer every minute.
    Source: American Gas Association

  • America’s natural gas utilities install 2 miles of pipeline every hour.
    Source: American Gas Association


  • The energy we produce in America at home benefits our communities, neighborhoods, schools and hospitals. The same air, the same environment. Which means the safety and security of American energy.
    Source: Your Energy America


  • Life takes energy. We use energy every second of every day, so the expenses can add up quickly. That’s why having affordable choices like natural gas is so important. When you save more and spend less, it can mean the difference between living – and living comfortably. 
    Source: Your Energy America


  • Efficient and reliable. Natural gas systems are more efficient than electric ones. Tankless gas water heaters have up to a 97% energy efficiency rating. Gas furnaces? They cost less to operate than heat pumps. So even when energy demands rise in your home, you’re still using less natural gas to get the job done reliably and safely.
    Source: Your Energy America


  • Saves money. There’s a reason that 68 million U.S. homes run on natural gas- because it’s clean, abundant and affordable. Natural gas saves families almost $900 a year ($874 for all of you looking for an exact number.) But not everyone who wants natural gas has access to it and that’s a challenge. By spreading the word about it’s benefits, more Americans could be saving more money.
    Source: Your Energy America


  • American jobs add up. Natural gas created 1.9 million jobs in 2015 – and 3.5 million more will be created by 2035.
    Source: NGV America

CARE=Clean Affordable Reliable Energy
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