Traveling through pipelines and into our homes, natural gas is a key part of our everyday lives. It keeps us warm. Makes long, hot showers possible. Cooks our meals with precise, even temperatures. Even dries our clothes faster. Natural gas is there day and night providing us with reliable energy to conduct our lives. With so much reliability, it’s easy to take this clean energy source for granted—but it would be a mistake to forget that the benefits we enjoy come from natural gas.


We may not think about it, but one-third of natural gas produced in America is used to manufacture and transport the products and services we use every day. Thanks to natural gas, our favorite football teams have cleats, our kids have crayons, farmers have fertilizer and mom has her favorite perfume. There are thousands of products made from natural gas. Our products are often transported in natural gas vehicles, but even when they’re not, natural gas is used to make the tires on the trucks. From agriculture to manufacturing, to our local schools to our homes, natural gas has a big impact on our daily lives.


The electric power sector uses natural gas to generate electricity. In 2015, natural gas was the source of about 26% of U.S. electric power sector energy consumption. (Other consuming sectors also use natural gas to generate electricity.)

The state of Florida uses 87% of natural gas for Electric Power Generation.

Find out what other states in America use to generate electric power by natural gas. The results are amazing.