Building Better with Natural Gas

Did you know that a natural gas home, on average, sold for 6% more than an electric home, according to a national survey by the National Association of Home Builders?

The report also shows that an overwhelming majority of builders agree that new homes with natural gas equipment generally sell quicker than a new home without any gas appliances.

Building a Home with Natural Gas Makes Happy Homeowners!

  • Lower energy costs - Natural gas is the most economical option for homeowners.

  • Increased Comfort - Natural gas provides warmer air and heats your home faster than electricity.

  • Better for the Environment - Natural gas is the cleanest-burning fossil fuel.


With natural gas, you never run out of fuel or have to schedule a delivery. Natural gas is a reliable, dependable fuel. Over 97% of natural gas supplies come from North America.

Receive a FREE Tap Fee and Service Line -- A Value of $925

To qualify for a free tap and service line you must install a natural gas furnace or natural gas water heater to your home. The gas main must be adjacent to the property. Homeowners and/or Builders now have the option to select what method they prefer to have a natural gas service line installed.

Receive up to $1,100 in Builder Rebates
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