New Build Service Line

How to Qualify for a FREE Service Line

Save the expense of a tap fee by installing a natural gas furnace or water heater to your new residential home. The gas main must be adjacent to the property and the home must not be more than 150 feet away from the road right of way to qualify.


A $600 tap fee for the service line will be incurred if a natural gas water heater or furnace is not installed.


How to Request a Service Line

Each new construction home requires a service line agreement form signed by you or your responsible party. Please complete the service line form and submit to your new construction representative. Complete the Service Line Request Form by clicking here.


At Okaloosa Gas, we’re committed to meeting your service line deadlines, but we need your help. Before a natural gas service line can be installed, the following guidelines must be met at your home. For future reference, please print this page and keep it with your other building references.

Service Line Guidelines

  1. Request your service line 3-4 weeks in advance. Call 850-729-4700.

  2. Make sure your home is "roughed in" and/or "stubbed out" to identify service line location.

  3. If you added or changed gas equipment NOTIFY US IMMEDIATELY! Additional load affects the size of the service line, meter size and bar assembly.

  4. Make sure we have an obstruction free, 8' wide service pathway from the gas main line to the meter location. Remove all trash bins, construction materials, etc. from this area.

  5. The number and street must be posted visible to locate home.

  6. To report broken gas lines, call us at 850-729-4700 or 800-239-3878.

  7. Contact our construction department for any questions or changes regarding your service line installation at: 850-729-4880 or


All necessary permits must be obtained from the proper authorities prior to installation of a service line. This includes spots and road crossing permits, if necessary.

The District prefers to install the service line before landscaping has begun.