NGV Fueling Stations

CNG is better than gasoline, and just as easy to put in your tank

More than half of the NGV fueling stations in the U.S. are available for public use; others are for fleet vehicles only. But as consumers demand more CNG vehicles, America’s refueling infrastructure (both private and public fueling sites) will quickly grow to meet that demand. As consumers, we must demonstrate demand for these stations by urging our leaders to pass legislation providing financial incentives that mean business. With an increasing number of NGV stations needed in the U.S., it’s time to insist on action, now.

CNG stations are becoming common in many cities for public and private use. Public support will help drive the switch to this fuel alternative – and create strong demand for CNG pumps at service stations nation

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Okaloosa Gas District’s Private CNG Fueling Station

Okaloosa Gas District opened its new time-fill CNG fueling station, located at its corporate office in Valparaiso, in February 2013. The fueling island included 10 fueling hoses which allowed for 10 NGV’s to refuel overnight. The innovated design of the station was geared towards the small to mid-sized fleet, in which vehicles return to a base location each day. As the District continued to add more NGV’s to its fleet, another fueling option became a necessity. In a joint venture with a local HVAC dealer, Jordan Air Enterprises - Okaloosa Gas District began the journey to establish a small fast-fill fueling station at its base location and at Jordan Air’s base location. The end result exemplifies an economical CNG refueling option that allows a small to mid-sized fleet operator to take advantage of a clean and abundant transportation fuel, which is made in the U.S.A.

Both fueling stations were completed in the spring of 2015 and each site can produce 11.4 GGE per hour. With a bank of 9 storage vessels to hold the compressed gas at each location, approximately 50 GGE (Gallons of Gas equivalent) can be dispensed at any given time. Okaloosa Gas District currently has 21 natural gas vehicles in its fleet, with plans to add more this year. Jordan Air continues to operate 2 vans on compressed natural gas and may add more over the next few years.
Okaloosa Gas is proud to showcase their model refueling stations to local fleets that are interested in converting and its current fleet of 21 NGV’s has used over 6,911 GGE of CNG since January 2016. The Florida Natural Gas Vehicle rebate continues to be in effect, offering Florida fleet owners an opportunity to be reimbursed back for a portion of their incremental cost associated with a NGV. For more information on this rebate, go to   Current NGV fleet operators can also still take advantage of the .50 cent (per GGE) excise tax rebate from the IRS until December 31,2016.