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Patriot Ridge: A Natural Gas Neighborhood in the Heart of Crestview, FL

Patriot Ridge is DR Horton, natural gas community, coming soon to the heart of Crestview, Florida. This neighborhood will be located South of I-10, off HWY 85 on Shoal River Drive. All of the luxuries of natural gas will be available including lower energy costs, increased comfort and environmentally friendly. Now is the time to communicate to your New Construction Representative, Kelle Olsen, ‘You Want Gas!' Scroll below to learn more about natural gas and all of its advantages.

Did you know that a natural gas home, on average, sold for 6% more

Did you know that a natural gas home, on average, sold for 6% more than an electric home, according to a national survey by the National Association of Home Builders?

The report also shows that an overwhelming majority of builders agree that new homes with natural gas equipment generally sell quicker than a new home without any gas appliances.

Building a Home with Natural Gas Makes Happy Homeowners!

  • Lower energy costs - Natural gas is the most economical option for homeowners.

  • Increased Comfort - Natural gas provides warmer air and heats your home faster than electricity.

  • Better for the Environment - Natural gas is the cleanest-burning fossil fuel.


With natural gas, you never run out of fuel or have to schedule a delivery. Natural gas is a reliable, dependable fuel. Over 97% of natural gas supplies come from North America.

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Get Gas, Get Connected!

We are excited to provide your community with the best natural gas service possible. You can't afford to not have natural gas. Over 70% of home buyers prefer natural gas for cooking, heating and water heating. Click here to learn all the advantages of natural gas.