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We are actively piping in Holley by the Sea Phase III

It's an exciting time to be in Holley by the Sea! Our crews are piping on the East side and they are making great progress! The following streets have natural gas now flowing and we are ready to serve you:

-Frankfort Street (from Smallwood Drive to Hemlock Drive)

-Vine Court

-Villa Court

-Smallwood Drive

-Fenwick Street

-Moray Drive

-Seaward Street

-Pinecone Court

-Leisure Street (from Moray Drive to Pepper Drive)

We aren't stopping there! You may have noticed our crew on Pepper Drive in the past week. Once this section of piping is in the ground, we will begin piping the adjacent streets in the coming weeks. This is excellent news for homeowners on the following streets:

-Hemlock Drive

-Pepper Drive

-Loop Street

-Parkridge Drive

-Seaview Court

-Pepperwood Street

-Opal Court

-Vinca Street

-Larkspur Street

Also included are:

Brewster Street, Rexford Street and Brevard Street sections from Hemlock Drive to Pepper Drive

followed by Treasure Street and Woodmont Street sections from Hemlock Drive to Parkridge Drive

We are excited to provide comfort, style, and value to your community.

Contact us for a free in-home consultation. Please call 850-729-4700 to schedule today!

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