In this section, you can locate all the information related to the rates charged by Okaloosa Gas District.

Effective May 1, 2022

There are four rate components to your residential natural gas bill:

  1. Customer Charge of $15.00 per month. The Customer Charge includes the cost of reading the meter, maintaining customer records, and accounting for bill payments, credit and other transactions affecting your account. This charge is incurred even if no gas is used during the month.

  2. Distribution Charge $0.88250 per therm. The Distribution Charge pays for the operation and maintenance of the pipeline system that brings gas to your home. This is a volumetric charge that increases with demand.

  3. Cost-of-Gas Charge of $0.6000 per therm. The Cost-of-Gas Charge is the cost Okaloosa Gas pays to purchase natural gas. This rate is calculated by projecting the cost of natural gas for the next three months. Next we look back over the previous three month period and compare the cost-of-gas rate we charged the customer to the actual cost-of-gas paid by the Gas District over that period. Then we apply the difference to the projection for the next three months. 


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To help you plan for energy costs, use the rate calculator. Whenever there is a change in the rates you can see how the change will impact you.


The rate calculator allows you to enter the desired number of therms and compare the cost for the consumption between the new rate with the previous rate.


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Click here to view Okaloosa Gas Rate Tariff

The Okaloosa Gas District Rate Tariff provides detailed information relating to how the District conducts business with all customer classifications including residential and commercial. This is an Acrobat Reader File. Click here to download Acrobat Reader File.

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