Before You Dig: Contact 811

You can help avoid natural gas service interruptions to customers and damage to gas lines by calling 811* BEFORE you dig. The underground pipeline will be located for you and there’s no charge for this service. However, please give at least two (2) working days’ notice before you plan to dig.


In case of an emergency, or if there is a gas odor present, please call 729-4700 or 1-800-239-3878 — call anytime day, night, or holidays.


*This number will not connect you to Okaloosa Gas. It should be used for line spots only.

Professor Green with shovel standing over underground pipelines

What to do after the Storm?

Many storms may leave a trail of broken fences, toppled trees and unprecedented power outages in his wake. 

We understand the importance on removing large trees and other debris, and even get your yard spruced up. But underground utilities can pose a real danger. The last thing we want is for your efforts to create an internet or power outage that affects you or your neighbors.

That's why you must call 811 first, wait for marks and dig carefully. 

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Cell phone with Sunshine 811 app installed

Introducing the new Sunshine 811 app.
Dig site information in the palm of your hand.

The new Sunshine 811 app makes it easy to keep track of member responses with a simple tap on Positive Response. With real time updates, you're always comparing the most recent responses to what you see at your dig site, keeping you and your crew safer and in the know.

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Calling 811 is EASY - Follow these 6 Simple Steps

1. Prepare before contacting Sunshine 811
    •    Put some thought into your locate description
    •    Outline small or hard-to-explain dig sites with white paint
    •    Follow Low Impact Marking Guidelines

2. Contact Sunshine 811
    •    Call 811


    •    Avoid the Call Schedule Online Line Spot Here (No training required. Dig site limited to one address.)

3. Wait 2 full business days

4. Verify utility response (positive response)

5. Protect the marks

6. Dig carefully

Okaloosa Gas Urges You to Call Before You Dig: It’s the Law!

Call 811 to have natural gas pipelines located and marked prior to any construction or digging activity.

(Valparaiso, FL) – Whether planting a tree, putting up a fence, landscaping or starting an excavation project, Okaloosa Gas District strongly encourages you to follow the law and call. Failure to call substantially increases the chance of causing damage to natural gas or utility pipelines, thereby placing you and the public at risk. Okaloosa Gas District urges you to call 811, to have these pipelines located and marked by professionals at no cost before any construction or excavation begins – this includes any digging by hand or machinery. “Even actions as simple as planting a tree or installing a sprinkler system that a homeowner may do himself requires advance line-spotting,” says Brent Haywood, VP of Operations for Okaloosa Gas District.


“Damage to pipelines from outside forces, mainly unauthorized diggers, is the most common cause of pipeline damage and natural gas leaks,” says Haywood. “We want the public to know there are hazards associated with not dialing 811 for line spotting 48 hours in advance of digging. Not calling is unsafe and against the law.”


“By everyone — residents, contractors and officials — calling ahead and having natural gas or other utility pipelines located and marked prior to digging, most accidents can be avoided,” says Haywood.


Okaloosa Gas District serves natural gas customers in Okaloosa County, southern Santa Rosa County, portions of northern Escambia County, and southern Walton County. If you have questions about this news story, call 729-4700.


Call 811 before you dig.