If your gas piping ever leaks or fails because of normal wear and tear, we’ll repair or replace it. Enroll today and receive the peace-of-mind from costly repair bills, easy one call coordination; no delays, and a natural gas specialist will be at your home the next business day. Avoid the hassle of locating a subcontractor, waiting for appointments and comparing estimates.


Are you aware that you are responsible for some of your gas piping?

Should your gas piping fail, it is possible that you could be faced with a costly repair bill of $500 or more! For just $4.95 a month, you can choose the Residential Piping Maintenance Program. Natural gas customer lines begin just after the meter, or on the house side of the meter.


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Residential Piping Program
Terms and Conditions of the Residential Piping Maintenance Program:

For $4.95 per month, your maintenance program covers non-buried natural gas piping on the outlet side of your meter or regulator. This may include piping to your water heater, range, dryer and even fireplace. It also covers buried natural gas piping beyond the meter or second regulator. This may include the piping to a pool/spa heater, gas grill or generator.

  1. The Residential Piping Maintenance Program is limited to single-family, duplexes and manufactured housing units that are homeowners and/or customers of Okaloosa Gas District. The program does not apply to multi-family residential properties, commercial properties, or residences using propane. Rental properties must have the written approval of the property owner.

  2. Eligibility under the Residential Piping Maintenance Program starts upon completion of an assessment of the residential piping system by Okaloosa Gas District and receipt of first payment. Okaloosa Gas will assess the interior and exterior lines to determine if they will be eligible under the program. Lines that will not be covered by the program will be identified and presented to the customer. During the assessment, repairs may be recommended for correction before the residence will be accepted into the program. By enrolling in the program, the customer represents to Okaloosa Gas District that to the best of his/her knowledge, the residential gas piping on the property is free from any pre-existing leaks or damage. Pre-existing gas leaks are not covered. Okaloosa Gas District reserves the right to accept the existing residential gas piping for program eligibility and to make final judgment for establishing eligibility. The monthly charges for the program will appear on the monthly utility bill. Fees are billed monthly, in advance, and include applicable taxes. Eligibility continues as long as the customer makes timely payments. If payments are not made, eligibility is suspended at the end of the prepaid period. Your account must stay in good standing to remain eligible for support and repairs under the program. Okaloosa Gas District retains the right to inspect the residential gas line (s) for ninety (90) days after receipt of the customer’s enrollment and completion of the initial assessment and after any repairs required for acceptance under the program.

  3. Upon reporting of a gas leak, the program covers the following: (1) all parts and labor to repair a residential interior or accepted exterior gas line (after the meter); (2) in-line gas shut-off valves; (3) pipe, fittings, and flex connectors. After line repair, Okaloosa Gas District will leak test the affected area and provide general cleanup. Okaloosa Gas District reserves the right to repair rather than replace gas lines after thorough examination by District representatives. Okaloosa Gas District reserves the right to use third party licensed and insured contractors to repair the gas line after assessment by District representatives. A repair cost limit of $1,000 per occurrence applies to the program.

  4. Excluded from program eligibility: ( 1) pre-existing damage and leaks; (2) exterior gas piping that is not accepted at the initial inspection for eligibility under the program; (3) damage or leaks to the gas piping or other property caused by the willful or negligent action of the customer or a third party, or by other insurable-type cause; (4) relocation of the gas meter to another site outside the home; (5) gas lines which are built into, or integral to, an appliance; (6) removal of items to access the gas pipe (such as furniture or non-permanent structures); (7) structural or physical restoration such as concrete and other hard surfaces, drywall, paint, wallpaper, paneling, turf, landscaping, etc. (8) residences with propane, (9) gas piping that fails due to an act of God, fire, flooding, subsidence, vandalism or other abnormal causes, (10) gas piping within concrete foundations.

  5. Okaloosa Gas District shall have the right to modify this Residential Piping Maintenance Program, from time to time, with thirty (30) days written notice. Okaloosa Gas District reserves the right to terminate the Residential Piping Maintenance Program with ninety (90) days written notice.


Residential Piping Program