Hurricane season is here and Okaloosa Gas is concerned for the safety of the residents of Okaloosa, Santa Rosa, South Walton and Escambia counties. Being a natural gas provider, it is our job to make sure that everyone is aware of the steps to take in case of  any problems involving natural gas.

When it comes to incoming storms, there are different steps for before, during, and after the disaster. It is crucial to be ready and prepared for the storm.


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​Unlike other energy utilities, natural gas is located in an underground network to avoid any disruptions.
When the power goes out, natural gas customers can rest assured that their natural gas appliances will remain on during outages. With natural gas,  you can still enjoy:

  • Hot showers - Natural gas tank water heater

  • Hot meals - Natural gas range or natural gas outdoor gas grill 

  • Outdoor lighting - Natural gas lamps

  • No Power, No Worries  - Natural gas whole or partial house generator

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Storm Safety Information