To find the closest pipeline to your home click on this map at this link: National Pipeline Mapping System and follow the detailed instructions below.


This system can be used by the public to locate pipelines near a specific address. The map shows gas transmission pipelines and hazardous liquid lines. It does not show distribution pipelines, such as lines which deliver gas to your home. Therefore, not all pipelines are visible for public viewing.


To use the system, click on the NPMS Public Map Viewer bar located on the upper right hand side of the page.

From the drop down menu, select a state. Once a state is selected, another drop down menu will provide all the state’s counties. Select a county to search.

Once those selections are made, a map will display.
To search a specific address, go to the drop down menu that says “View pipeline by” and click on the street address option.

National Pipeline Mapping System

Type in the address including the zip code. It will not search without a zip code. The system will display a map showing pipelines near the address searched.
On the left hand side of the map, you can click on what type of pipeline you want displayed on the map.
Click on the map to find out who operates the pipeline, their contact information and if the line is in service.

The map offers street or aerial views. Also, you can use the map to measure the distance from an address to the pipeline. The map includes a security feature and if you zoom in too close, the pipelines on the map will disappear.

Click to download a PDF of Okaloosa Gas Pipeline Network.

Find Pipelines in Your Neighborhood