Natural Gas Heating

The advantages of natural gas heat over electric are simple. With natural gas, you can select the type and size of system that best suits your needs. You can stay warmer while spending less. And, you can rest assured with natural gas you’re using a clean and domestically abundant, energy efficient source that is fueling America's future.


Now, Okaloosa Gas District offers full-service heating and cooling services to our customers! Even if you have electric air conditioning, you can call Okaloosa Gas Districts approved Heating and Cooling contractors to assist you on evaluating your current system, service, or replace both your air conditioning and natural gas heating systems. Let Okaloosa Gas and our Preferred Service Providers assist you with one-stop sales, installation and service! At Okaloosa Gas we have more than 68 years of outstanding service to the Emerald Coast communities.

Did you know that air from a natural gas furnace is up to 25 degrees  warmer than air from an electric heat pump. So your family feels warmer faster. If you invest in an electric heat pump, you will need a secondary heating system whenever the temperature drops below the 25-30 degree range. Natural gas furnaces are reliable even in the coldest weather.


Natural gas heating systems are built to last. The average life of a natural gas heating system is typically longer than the average life of an electric heat pump. Year after year, you can depend on the comfort and efficiency of natural gas heat.

Natural gas fireplaces are another great source of supplemental heat for your home. To learn more about fireplaces, click the button to the right.

Natural Gas Heating offers these great benefits: 

  • Up to 25 warmer air than an electric heat pump

  • Warms more quickly and efficiently

  • Up to 98% energy efficient

Preferred Service Providers

Call one of our preferred service providers for a FREE evaluation on your heating and cooling system!

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