Natural Gas Ranges & Cooktops

Today's natural gas ranges, ovens, cook-tops and grills feature high efficiency, easy cleaning and the reliability that natural gas equipment is known for.

Cooking with natural gas is economical it costs about half as much to cook with a natural gas range as with a similar electric range. Many of the new models of natural gas cooking equipment use an electronic spark ignition, rather than a continuously burning pilot. This saves as much as 30 percent on energy costs.


Design Options

The wide variety of natural gas appliances on the market enables kitchen design to dictate appliance choice, rather than the other way around. Natural gas cooking equipment comes in many sizes and shapes. Most familiar is the traditional freestanding range, which includes a cook-top and an oven. Built-in ranges can either slide or drop into a space between cabinets. The drop-in style sits on a low cabinet base and doesn't have a lower storage drawer, like freestanding or slide-in ranges do.

In many kitchens today, the cook-top and the oven are separated. This means greater flexibility for installation and greater flexibility and convenience for a two-cook kitchen. An indoor gas grill can also be added either as part of the range or as a free-standing unit.

Many new gas ranges and cook-tops come with special high-Btu burners, for rapid heating, and/or low-Btu burners for simmering.

Commercial-style ranges are becoming increasingly popular for home installation. They have chrome or stainless steel finishes, and multiple burners and ovens. These ranges are built especially for homes, with extra safety measures and insulation added.

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