Natural Gas Space Heating

Nothing compares to the flexibility, savings and security you’ll enjoy with natural gas space heaters. The newly designed, portable space heaters of today give you the warmth of natural gas, when and where you need it, even if the electricity goes out. All without the expense of having to heat your entire home. A variety of styles are available with a wide range of heating capacities, from 10,000 to 30,000 BTUs in vent-free models and up to 40,000 BTUs in vented models.

Natural gas space heaters are designed to keep the room temperature “just right” by
producing radiant and convective heat that’s controlled with a thermostat. In addition to
giving radiant heat, some of the newest models create a natural convection current to
circulate warm air into the room while the unit itself remains cool. Natural gas space
heaters are easy to operate – the pilot ignites with the push of a button.

There’s a style of natural gas space heater that’s perfect for your unique needs.

Vent-free Natural Gas Heaters
  • Do not have to be vented to the outside

  • Can be easily installed, with little expense

  • Are available in a number of sizes

  • Don’t require electricity to operate

  • Have an automatic shutoff safety feature – an Oxygen Depletion Sensor – to detect low oxygen levels and shut off the heater automatically.

Radiant Vent-free Natural Gas Heaters
  • Radiate warm air for quick, thorough heating of the entire room.

Infrared Vent-free Natural Gas Heaters
  • Heat the room by warming actual objects throughout the room.

Natural gas space heaters allow you to save in a number of ways because…


  • You can turn your thermostat down and heat only the rooms you use most

  • Vent-free heaters are virtually 100% fuel efficient since they don’t require outside venting so no heat is wasted

  • Natural gas heats an area for less than half the cost of electricity, and is the cleanest-burning fossil fuel available.

  • Natural gas space heaters are built to last, with fewer working parts that can fail or need replacing and a natural gas flame that does all the work

Natural gas space heater
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