America’s Natural Gas delivery system is extraordinarily efficient with 91% of the natural gas produced at the wellhead being delivered to customers as usable energy.

CARE=Clean Affordable Reliable Energy

From heating your home, cooking family meals, taking a hot shower, natural gas is clean, efficient, reliable and less expensive than electric.

Choose natural gas. It is the natural choice for your home and the environment.

  • You can rely on Okaloosa Gas for reliable service during power outages and named storms. Keeping you comfortable and our community safe is our priority.

  • Natural gas appliances will help you save money, improve the environment and increase your comfort.

  • Using natural gas throughout your home can reduce carbon emissions by over 40% while lowering energy costs.

  • Natural gas has historically cost 10-50% less than electricity, heating oil or propane.


Moreover, the energy efficiency of natural gas makes it more desirable for the planet. Did you know that natural gas is three times more efficient than using electricity to power appliances? With natural gas, about 91% of the energy is delivered directly to your home. Conversely, the electricity in your home is about 36% efficient because more than 68% of the source energy is lost in generating and delivering electricity from the power plant to your home.

Natural gas has always been environmentally friendly. When you consider efficiency, convenience and environmental benefits, the natural choice for home appliances is natural gas. Not surprisingly, over 70% of homebuyers prefer natural gas for cooking, heating and water heating.

*Source: US Department for Energy/Energy Information Administration

An Emissions Solution

Greater direct use of natural gas for heating and cooling, water heating, cooking and clothes drying can cut carbon emissions nearly in half. That is because natural gas appliances and the network that delivers the energy to your home is extraordinarily efficient.


Electric system losses account for half the energy consumed in the U.S. residential sector. When you factor in energy use and emissions along the full fueld cycle, households with natural gas versus all-electric appliances produce 37% lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Direct use of Natural Gas Infographic
Direct use of natural gas helps increase energy efficiency and reduce overall energy costs.