Natural Gas Water Heating Facts

How much is it costing you to heat water?

Today’s natural gas water heaters are the most efficient models on the market. Compared to electric water heaters, they’re less expensive to operate, they heat water faster, and they provide hot water even when the electricity goes out. They’re more durable, since the flame does all the work and there are fewer parts to fail or wear out. And, they come in a variety of sizes so you can select one to best meet your needs.


Based on the US Government Energy Guide labels and local utility rates, check out the electric vs. natural gas water heater comparisons: 

ELECTRIC Tank VS. Natural Gas Tank
Your Savings with Natural Gas:
Monthly  $     25.35
Annually $   304.17  

Lifespan  $3,954.21
ELECTRIC Tank VS. Natural Gas Tankless
Your Savings with Natural Gas!
Monthly      $     34.12
Annually     $   409.43   
Lifespan      $5,322.56  

*Savings based on local electric utility rates and natural gas rates effective 05/01/2022. Savings based on the life expectancy of a 13 year old water heater.

Natural gas is all about you and your family being comfortable. Great rates, reliable service and no energy programs required. Natural gas is available 24/7 at the same great rate!


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  • Endless supply of hot water

  • Cost 70% less to operate than a traditional electric water heater

  • Conserves Energy Easy to install, virtually on any wall inside or outside of home

  • Multiple venting options

  • Tankless water heaters give homeowners the opportunity to provide high-value upgrade to their homes

  • Takes up less floor space allowing for greater design flexibility

  • Up to a 20 year life span

  • Green Product


  • Heats water twice as fast as an electric water heater

  • Costs 50% less to operate

  • Up to 50% fewer carbon emissions

  • Provides hot water even when the electricity goes out

  • More durable due to less moving parts

  • Models come in a variety to choose from

  • No worries during storm season