Natural Gas is Available in Portions of 
Holley by the Sea Subdivision

We are excited to bring natural gas service to your homes! For those Holley by the Sea homeowners interested in moving forward and getting natural gas to their homes please complete the attached HBTS Natural Gas Request form. As soon as we receive this, we will schedule your Marketing Representative, Jeremy Newell, to come out and provide your free estimate with all of the Holley by the Sea exclusive rebates for homeowners. 

Find out more about having natural gas installed in your home and receive a free consultation when you fill out our natural gas request form. Our Customer Support Team will be in touch with you within the next 24 hours or next business day.


Together, we can explore a variety of natural gas options and optimize your energy decisions.

Learn about natural gas appliances by clicking on the links below: 

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Ask us about our exclusive rebates and how we can save you money on your energy bill! 

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Get Gas, Get Connected!

We are excited to provide your community with the best natural gas service possible. You can't afford to not have natural gas. Over 70% of home buyers prefer natural gas for cooking, heating and water heating. Learn all the advantages of natural gas.